Have you divorced, but the kids stayed?

A friend of mine seeks stories from people who have lived this unconventional situation. He wants to find others who can contribute a chapter to (or simply agree to be interviewed for) a potential book on the subject.

What "Kids Stay" Means
When this friend and his wife divorced, they both moved out of their house, leaving the child in the "family" house. The child kept her bedroom and a continuous, undisturbed sense of space.

Then the parents took turns moving in and
out of the house, rather than moving the child between their homes

The parents figured, it
wasn’t the child’s fault.
And, presumably, the adult parents should be better able to deal with the inconvenience and unsettledness. 

Now comes
This family is trying to teach
people that this alternative exists. Sure, it’s largely limited to the affluent,
but it still might help 10,000 kids.

If you have done this — divorced but let the kids stay — please let me know (or forward this to a
friend who has). The organization seeks others who can contribute their

If you have done this, please let me know. Or forward this post to a
friend who might have done this, or might know someone who has. The organization seeks others who will share their

The full story (thus far) of Kids Stay is here.