I was in the World’s Shortest Line today…

…New Business Filings at the Office of the Ohio Secretary of State.

It’s another bad week in the markets during what appears to be a — can it be said?recession in what the national news media likes to call Ohio’s — can it be said?hurting economy.

The basic situation: no one is starting businesses.

So what are Ohio loving capitalists to do?

We started a business.
A pal had a great idea and we are going with it.

It’s an enterprise that might help you earn income for doing what you most like doing (if you like doing what most of the world fears doing most).

More on that later. When we launch, you can help by spreading the word. Thank you. (If you want me to notify you when we come out of the closet, let me know.)

We might complain about the Ohio economy, but know this: for what it’s worth, there’s almost no delay in getting your company registered. During peak times, you might wait weeks, perhaps a month or more. This afternoon, the agent said, "What’s today? Wednesday? OK, so this will be up and running on Friday."

When the going gets tough, the tough incorporate.
For now, take a ride on the Short Line.

Start a business!