Fanny personal ad
Seems like I keep asking you to do things.

What am I? Your significant other?

You're thinking: "Artie, if I wanted a(nother) spouse, I'd go get some new stink, list myself on — where their tagline says "It's okay to look"™ —  and shake my cheeks in the saloons."

(Note to change tagline to "Better than shaking your cheeks in saloons."™)

I guess I just think more of you than that.

So here's a short run down of today's To Do list, which you can snort-ignore-click away:

1. Visit SpeakerSite and sign up. An online social network, SpeakerSite is a new community of speakers. Do you have a passion or a purpose that you want to share? Want to do a little (more) pubic speaking? Complete a free profile, so you can offer your message to the world. I will work to make it valuable for you.

(It's still in beta. Feel free to suggest how to improve it. I'm all ears and fingers, which means, poetically, that I will listen and type. And, with "listen," we still find ourselves in the realm of metaphor. Dang. For sticklers: I will read and type.)

2. Dig for dough in the couch cushions and send it to the Send Money/Feed A Blogger tip jar on the left sidebar, before end of day Saturday. All monies collected by the end of the week (5:11 p.m., Saturday) will be used to fund micro entrepreneurs on And I will report on their progress over time.

So far, donations range from $3.75 to $100. To be candid: one of each. So, actually, it's not much of a "range," is it? Throw anything from $2 up and we'll have a real range.

Together, we are Net Cotton Content.
Whatever that means.