31722Remember Free Money?

Back in March, great gobs of people grabbed great fistfuls of cash for their favorite not-for-profit agencies.

It was a charity spree: a big success, courtesy of the enterprising people at The Columbus Foundation — and the many generous donors who rely on the Foundation to connect them with philanthropic opportunities. (Young Isaac propelled the message with viral marketing.)

Well, it's time for another "Match Day."
Here's the fine print. If you missed the first Match Day, note especially the parts in red:

The Columbus Foundation Governing Committee announced $300,000 in matching dollars to support Match Day 2.0, an event aimed to stimulate $1 million in charitable giving in our community in 48 hours. This is our community giving stimulus plan:

  • Starting at 2 p.m. Tuesday, November 18, we will match online grant suggestions from Foundation donor advised funds and supporting foundations to PowerPhilanthropy nonprofit organizations in the amount of 50 cents of every dollar contributed, up to $2,500 per fund.
  • Starting at 2 p.m. Wednesday, November 19, we will match online credit card donations to PowerPhilanthropy nonprofits in the amount of 50 cents of every dollar contributed, up to $2,500 per individual, until all matching funds are exhausted. We encourage everyone to give — the minimum gift is $20.
  • Matching funds available for donor advised funds and supporting foundations total $150,000. Any remaining matching funds will be rolled over to the public match beginning on Wednesday at 2 p.m.
  • PowerPhilanthropy has grown to include more than 420 portraits, with valuable information on nonprofit organizations and programs that strengthen our community. To learn more, visit PowerPhilanthropy or call 614-251-4000.

The deadline to request a new PowerPhilanthropy donor login or confirm your current donor login is Wednesday, November 12. Contact Katie Brennan at 614-251-4000 or by email.

What To Do?
Here's a postcard you can share with friends.

Or just forward the URL to this page to anyone and everyone.

Free money for your favorite cause. Go get it.