Perhaps you've seen this heartwarming video from Matt. (It's had more than 13 million views on You Tube.)

(Thanks to Rachel for sending it to me.)

Why Matt Makes War Obsolete
By simply dancing (watch the video), Matt reminds us that the big impersonal world is, really, small and human.

I often wonder: how will the ten-year-olds of today take up arms against others when they have spent much of their lives communicating and playing online with other kids from all over the world.

It's going to be a lot harder to get young people to shoot (in real wars) the people they've been shooting for years (in Call of Duty).

Alas, there might always be necessary wars. But, as the world gets smaller, will the potential soldiers become fewer?

Then what, Matt?

(The video is even better if you click through to YouTube and then click "watch in high quality'")