Need something to put on that nice, clean new 2009 calendar?

Is 2009 the year you will get out more?

…engage in the life of your community more? 

…enjoy culture while expanding your mind and soul?

Start now!

Come see The Internationalist,
produced by up-and-coming Available Light [Theatre].
Here are the details. As the AVLT website says:

Many of the characters speak in a fictional language in this comedy of
communication, which follows Lowell, traveling overseas for business,
as he gets “involved” with a co-worker, is implicated in an office
conspiracy, and flirts with the wrong side of the law.

Available Light does great work and — believing that everyone should have access to culture — sells all tickets at all shows for the strange price of "Whaddya got? Give us some." (That ticket pricing policy is known more formally in The Theatre Industry as "pay what you want.")

But, wait! There's more.
If you want to grab some supper beforehand or a dessert afterward (or both), here's an invitation from SlimGoodies.

May 2009 be the year you get out more, fully engaging in life and culture, having recovered quickly from that awkward bowling injury.