Want to act?

Sure you do.

We need four men who can act like they just want to play poker. And two women who can act like they just want to have a good time.

The show will rehearse during April (Sunday-Wednesday evenings). Curtain's up May 7-10.

This is arguably the most popular play ever written. (Please, let's not argue.)

Auditions are tomorrow evening and Saturday afternoon (with callbacks on Sunday).

Hey, Artie. Why such last-minute notice?
So you won't have enough time to come up with some phony baloney reason for not auditioning.

We want you. We want seasoned pros and first-time theatrical virgins. The director, Ian Short, is the most gentle, talented soul I've ever met. You'll love him.

C'mon. Here's where and when.

When the going gets tough. The tough get Odd.