Is it just me, or is everyone feeling a little cold and tired?

Hey, I'm cold and tired. I'm tired of the economy and international suffering. And I'm mainly tired of being cold. (And, in my neighborhood, it's cold.) You?

[cold + tired] = ?
Does the combination of cold and tired cause us to reveal our true hearts?

If so, does being cold and tired act like a truth serum? Does it make us say the bitter truth, like when we come in, stomp the ice off our boots, and speak the bitter truth about the bitter cold.

Vulgarities come to the tongue so easily. Is that the truth serum bringing out my innermost thoughts, without the social filter?

Or is the combination of cold and tired act as a hallucinogenic? Does it make us insightful and goofy, grasping at the intuitive connections that might keep us alive?

In this weather — and in this economy — a little folly could be fatal. Must…stay…serious….

May you find some warmth and rest this evening. If not sooner.