People sometimes ask me, "When are you speaking next? I'd like to hear you."

That's nice.

But I've always answered with some form of: "Oh, I dunno."

I just can't keep my calendar in my head. (It's in my pocket.) And when someone asks me to suggest a few dates when I'm speaking, I just stammer.

Not No More
I've found a place to put all my upcoming presentations. Actually, I co-founded it.

Here is a list of all my upcoming public speaking. (If it gets some traffic, I'll keep that link on the left sidebar.)

Turns out: I'm speaking a lot. I hope you're happy.

The Next One (A Special Offer For Students)

If you are a student, here is a special offer for next Tuesday's presentation on Personal Brilliance at The Ohio State University's Leadership Center. The main presenter, Jim Canterucci writes:


I'm excited that we are able to offer student seats for the OSU PB event on the 13th for only $20.

Can you help spread the word to students – yours and maybe any organizations you know of?

There is an Event Code on the registration page. If they enter the word "student" in that field it automatically changes to $20.

Let me know what you think.


Jim, I think that's great. Thanks!