Our lives are such operas.

No — I have that backwards.

Opera is just like life, I guess.

I'm no expert on the opera.
My annual plan is to see (more) opera. And now the Metropolitan Opera has made it easier, through their simulcasts in movie theaters nationwide.

In the meantime, this comes from Net Cotton Content reader, Jim Bishop. It's an operetta.

"Operetta" is like chaw.
When you don't have time for an entire opera, you can put a little operetta between your cheek and gum.

Except chaw will give you cancer and you'll have to have part of your face and throat removed for that long end game, the awkward part of life. Not that's opera in real life!

Operetta will simply make you scratch your head. But not chronically. Unless it's very good opera.

Here's one worth seeing twice.
It's made by distant family of Jim's in — get this! — a 48-hour artistic contest.

When technology and art, talent and energy are all crammed into 48 hours, anything can happen.

Even high quality.

Do you have five minutes? Here you go….

Quillions from Alan Dague-Greene on Vimeo.