Why do kids want to watch videos over and over again? Why do they want to play horsey endlessly?

They enjoy it, yes. But they also need to confirm the experience.

Did Gilligan really mistake Mr. Howell for Ginger? I needed to watch that again and again after school.

I saw the following speech from TED about a year ago. I watched it again this morning because I needed to remind myself of the message, but also to confirm the excellence of the experience.

In the following 18 minutes, you can see a brain scientist describe her own massive stroke — and you will always understand the conversation about Right Brain vs. Left Brain.

This is a great 18 minutes. (If the following screen isn't to your liking, click here and you'll see it at the TED site.)

If TED had produced and shared no more than this single speech, TED would have been a fantastic success. Happily, TED offers so many fascinating presentations.