Welcome to the First Quarterly Meeting of the Kiva/Net Cotton Content Portfolio Shareholders.

On November 24th, we began operations by announcing our three first $50 investments in micro-lending on Kiva.com, with $150 donated by loyal and generous readers John, Rachel, Emily, Abbie, and Michelle (and your humble writer).

The Best News
I’ve just received word that one of my students at CCAD has invested in Kiva. Yes! She made the investment, blamed me, and Kiva told me. Nice!

Our Portfolio
I’m pleased to report — despite the world credit markets and the general downward trend in just about every economy — our three investments are still holding steady.

For background on the three entrepreneurs, revisit the original report. Here is an update on each.

Guinea Pigs in Peru!
Fully funded…

Djahid Suleymanov
has repaid 25% of his $1,000 loan. (Our $50 completed his fundraising.)

The only report came right after our investment from the field partner: “Thank you for your loan. It has been disbursed to Djahid Suleymanov by
Komak Credit Union in Azerbaijan. We are excited to watch this business
grow. Over the next 12 months, Komak Credit Union will be collecting
repayments from this entrepreneur and posting progress updates on the
Kiva website.”

What Happens With The Money?
So, far $20.75 has been returned to our account. We can either take it back or relend it to other entrepreneurs.

What to do?
Be a schlmiel (take it back) or a mensch (relend it).

Please remember: these are real people, living valid lives, in color.