Now that we can all look back with some long-term perspective

— even some nostalgia —

at the difficult economic situation we all faced way back in 2009…

The bright folks at Available Light are presenting Dirty Math, an original script written and produced just for you. The show opens this Thursday, April 2 for two weekends.

As the Dirty Math website says:

In Dirty Math,
Available Light takes on the most current of economic questions: Why
did this happen? How did this happen? Why did it happen to us?

It's Thomas Friedman meets The Huffington Post meets The Wooster Group. There will be music, movement, and metaphor.

Let's consider ourselves warned: in a time when theatre is ever more real than the world around us, we will be enlightened.

Come as you economically are.
All tickets are priced at the usual pay what you want. Really. (Why? Because Available Light believes that great theatre should not be reserved only for the economically fortunate.)

Want more?
Here's an item from the blog of Michael Grossberg, the Dispatch theatre critic.

Here's an interview with Matt Slaybaugh, Available Light's artistic director and the writer of Dirty Math in Columbus Underground.

I'm in the April 10th lunchtime performance, but don't let that discourage you.