Many's the time that I wish I could talk on the phone in my car.

But it isn't safe, so I avoid it.

I often stop myself from just checking voicemail, or taking a glance at who is calling. I just ignore incoming calls when I'm driving.

I know it isn't safe to talk on the phone while driving. I know that I'm not able to drive at my best and talk at my best at the same time.

Say what you will, but I think this is true for you, too. (I've seen the way you drive when you are on the phone.)

Cars Have Become Flying Phone Booths
I sit in traffic and casually count the number of drivers who are also on the phone. People driving while not on the phone seem rarer than people driving while on the phone.

No one wants to sit in a Private Rolling Phone Booth without taking care of a little phone work. I do understand.

Which Led To An Odd Moment Thursday Night
So I was at the beautiful Drexel Theatre, the beloved art cinema of Bexley.

They have a couple old-fashioned phone booths — real working phone booths — in the lobby.

During a screening of I've Loved You So Long, I received a call on my cell and quietly moved to the lobby. Seeing the empty phone booths, I stepped inside one to take my cell phone call.

While I was in the phone booth, I had an odd sensation:

How strange to be talking and immobile.

Why doesn't this phone booth move?

Why am I on the phone, but not moving at all?

I'm used to my car serving as a phone booth.

But I was unprepared for this phone booth's inability to serve as a car.