Arnett Howard has "bowed out" of The Odd Couple.

My friend and teacher — and accomplished director, actor and founding member of Available Light [Theatre]Ian Short will step into the role…and perform on opening night one week from tonight.

Now that's drama!

But, first, let us celebrate Arnett:

  • For taking the creative leap out of his comfortable realm. He's an accomplished educator, popular bandleader, virtuoso musician, published author, community leader. He took a leap into acting. What a wonderful spirit and sense of adventure.
  • For working hard in unfamiliar territory. He gave it a great effort. He really threw himself into the play's largest role.
  • For making a hard, artistic decision.

What would life be like if we did only those things we knew we could accomplish? We would under-reach. We would under accomplish.

Daniel Pink recommends that we actively seek to make "brilliant mistakes" — so that our daring will pay off in large, unexpected ways. When have you taken a risk at making such a brilliant mistake?

I salute Arnett Howard for being courageous enough to try something that didn't quite work.

He's a role model to be celebrated.

This is art, friends, not surgery. Art is where we are supposed to try things that we might not be able to do.