9 So, why, you might ask, am I so enthusiastic about Available Light [Theatre]?

Here’s why:

  1. Matt Slaybaugh. This young man is a devoted theatre entrepreneur. As the artistic director of Available Light, Matt is devoted to learning and teaching. He’s earnest, thoughtful, trustworthy, and charismatic. He’s the opposite of swine flu, but just as infectious. Proof of infection: he’s attracted a company of vigorous, talented, fabulous theatre professionals: actors, directors, producers of stagecraft — from lighting to sound — and some very worthy board members.

  2. The Artistic Vision. Available Light believes in the higher calling of theatre. That is, theatre can — and should — be more than entertainment. Theatre has the power to also educate, enlighten, and — get this! — engage. So Available Light presents works that entertain (of course) and educate (yes) and enlighten (sure!) — but audiences also leave the theater vaguely uncomfortable.

Vague Discomfort? That’s good?
Golly, gee willikers, yes, that’s good.

The vague discomfort is based on a challenge. Each show is designed to leave the audience with a haunting question.

Haunting questions, yes. But not haunting for the sake of haunting. These questions linger in the mind and soul in order to motivate and inspire us. To take action. To become more engaged citizens. It’s the economy, my friend. Or the environment. Or the preciousness of time. Or the importance of relationships. Or the true meaning of the pursuit of happiness.

These are questions that can — and do — change lives. Audience members tell us: “Available Light has changed my life.” (And for the better. There are no lawsuits pending.)

After all: our purpose on this planet must surely be something more than comfort, no?

Even though our consumer culture constantly suggests that our own comfort is the goal, please tell me self-satisfaction is not your ultimate goal for which you strive. There must be a more important purpose for our lives. Please tell me there is a more profound meaning for your life.


Why This Unusual Name: “Available Light”?
The back story: without a home theatre, this theatre company performs wherever the light is available.

So it is named “Available Light [Theatre].”

The [brackets] I can’t explain. It’s a 33rd Degree theatre thing. I’m not there yet.

Theatre For All.
When theatre does more than entertain, when it entertains and also creates engaged citizens, it must be made accessible to both the economically fortunate and the economically unfortunate.

That’s why — throughout Available Light’s artistic season, including plays and readings — all tickets are sold for the (somewhat awkward) price of “Pay What You Want.”

At the box office, some folks pay in nickles. Some folks give us hundreds.

Then they sit side by side, becoming enlightened in the dark, without knowing who paid what.

It’s like sitting next to someone on an airplane and wondering what she paid for her ticket. (Except this is a nice thing. With bigger restrooms.)

“Pay What You Want” is more than a clever marketing idea. It makes theatre — and the engagement it creates — available for all.

Available Light for all.

You Can Participate

  • Come to The Odd Couple — it’s next week! Buy a ticket. (There is a minimum price for tickets for The Odd Couple, because this is our biggest annual fundraiser for Available Light. But it’s the least expensive fundraiser in town. And still tremendously affordable theatre.) 
  • Tell friends about Available Light. Here’s how.
  • Become a patron. Here’s how.
  • Sign up for notices about upcoming shows and free readings.
  • Purchase an inexpensive “membership,” which gives you admission (for you and any friend) to all shows for a year. Here’s how.

Satisfy Yourself By Changing The World.
Wondering what you’re hungry for? Come to Available Light. We’re just what you want to do. And we need your help. We need everyone.