Unicycle Remember the 90-Day Self Education Budget?

Well, with summer soon upon us, so is my 90-day study list.

Summer School
Here are my learning goals for this summer:

  1. To move sod and till a garden. I'll admit that I've done this already. Alisa said that the new garden needed to be tilled after The Odd Couple. Well, The Odd Couple ended on Sunday, so I tilled on Monday. Happily, my son and I had already moved almost all the sod.
  2. To teach a 15-year-old to drive. This is well underway, but the road test will be late in the summer.
  3. To memorize dialog. I tried to do this in The Odd Couple. There was some success, but I still need to learn what I didn't ever figure out. There's something I just didn't understand in that process.
  4. To become a better writer. I'm going to read a book on grammar and composition. There are so many good ones. It's time I read beyond The Elements of Style
  5. To climb a mountain. Late in July, my son and I are climbing a mountain. (More on that later.) I have got to get ready for it. I've never done anything like that.
  6. To ride a unicycle. Bill gave me his old unicycle years ago. I've stared at it and though, "Later." Now is the time. I pumped up the tire last week. ("Tire" is a noun that rarely is kept singular when one is pumping.)
  7. To fully understand A Christmas Carol. I want to adapt Dickens' wonderful work for the stage. I need to study it closely.
  8. To become a better listener. This was on last year's list. I did make some progress, and I have far to go. The test: can I truly hear my son's heart?

What's on your list?