“If you are teaching the same thing
in the same way after five years,
then you lack either ambition or imagination.”

I taught marketing at CCAD years ago. After five years I felt burned out and the course felt stale — at least to me. So, I left to teach other things in other places.

I came back a year ago to teach marketing again at CCAD. Because my computer somehow lost all my Powerpoint slides, I was forced to rewrite everything. That’s when I introduced The Tool, which was an innovation for the course that gave it a technical superiority: a practical tool that customers (students) could actually use in real-life challenges on their first days on the job (or on a new project).

Now, at the end of the first year back, after teaching the revised course twice, I’m wondering:

What can I do to market the marketing course?
How can I appeal to a larger audience?
How can I make sure that the course doesn’t get stale?

So, this is a real marketing challenge.

I’m asking you to think through this problem, using — of course — The Tool.

Imagine that I have hired you as a student intern. My real-life challenge, as the teacher of marketing at CCAD, is to grow the marketing class.

To participate in this optional final exam, you must hand me a hardcopy of the completed tool at the beginning of our class on Thursday, May 14th. No late submissions will be accepted for any reason.

This test is open-book, open-notes, open-mind, and — oddly — open-mouth and open-ears. You may
work with others; you may ask others (anyone in the world, except me) to help you. There is no such thing as “cheating” on this test. Do your best. Make it work.

However, you must be able to explain everything on your Tool. I reserve the right to ask you to explain the thinking on The Tool.