CL!QcoverI'm mindful not to flog SpeakerSite on Net Cotton Content. (Net Cotton Content must remain pure, whatever that means.)

But — if you care to read an item about SpeakerSite — this would be the Item Of The Month.

The premiere edition of CL!Q eMag has just hit the web and — joy of joys — it features a seven-page spread on SpeakerSite.

  • You can see the CL!Q eMag piece on SpeakerSite by clicking here.
  • You can see the entire #1 July 2009 edition of CL!Q eMag (on by clicking here.

Congratulations to founding editor Jeannie May on their launch. And thanks to Jeannie for including SpeakerSite with such a nice piece on the world's largest social network of public speakers.

I Guess I'm Old
I am simply amazed to correspond with a start-up publishing venture in Helensvale, Queensland in Australia, and see it result in such a nice product.

It's a small world after all.