I'm stirred by meeting you.

Thank you.

But I'm not shaking that hand.

I'm experimenting with a new prohibition: I'm not shaking anyone's hand.

It's Not Just Your Hand.
Today, I'm at a great conference — SummitUp — and there are hundreds of people sharing insights on social media. And each person has at least one hand to shake.

So many nice people. Some thought I spoke well and they are nice enough to say hello.

And The Hand Is Presented.
But my wife — a family nurse practitioner — says, "Don't shake hands. We — as a people — have to get beyond shaking hands. It isn't hygienic."

And my friend Gordon says, "I'm done shaking hands. No more shaking hands. It seems like an easy way to cut down on the transfer of disease."

I Don't Think You Are Sick.
I hope you are well.

When I deny my hand, some folks smile. How nice.

Some folks insist, "I'm not sick." (How do you know? You mean, you don't feel sick. That's good. But any of us might be contagious without symptoms.)

I'm Trying To Be Polite.
What I'm doing — or not doing — is weird, I know. It's counter cultural. It seems rude. I'm sorry.

I mean well. And it's not solely self-serving. I mean to act in your best interest, too.

Stay well. I will bow to that.