H3sh-web-1000 Matt Slaybaugh, mentor to the stars, poses this question: What does it mean to be human?

I think he’s getting at something more than simply being a member of our common species. If that were his question, I think, the answer is (1) have a belly button and (2) — well that’s about it.

I think Matt wants to know what it means to be a fully realized human, to be all a human can be.

Here we go…

Am I Human?
Five questions to ask myself every day:

  • Am I psychologically healthy?  Or do I place my own morale in the hands of others?
  • Am I communally motivated? Or do I live only for myself?
  • Do I measure my words like pearls? Or do I treat speech as cheap, savaging others — and in doing so, savaging myself?
  • Do I pause to reflect? Or am I always a Human Doing, never practicing the art of being a Human Being?
  • Do I do those things that only I can do? Or am I swamped with frenetic boredom?

So, Matt, How Do We Know We Are Human?
As usual, Matt’s not asking an idle question.

He — with the loyal talent at Available Light — will answer the question for us, with us, in front of us.

[How to] Stay Human opens November 5th for two short weeks.

More information is here.

Come watch. Fall in. Leave more human.

Please spread the word.