The rehearsals have been challenging and delightful. For several hours a day, three or four times a week, Jo Anne, Matt and I have holed up in a large bunkered, nearly empty conference room (just a podium and a couple chairs) in a downtown office building.

We've crossed the major threshold: "off-book" day. The lines are learned and we are acting.

This final week of preparation is what Matt calls "a week of living, breathing and eating the show," so that it can rise above "a nice show" and become something truly wonderful. Lovingly placed, as a gift, at your feet.

I hope you like it.

The Back Story
Thanks to the talents of Dave Wallingford and Matt Slaybaugh, you can click on the following image and hear a 17-minute audio podcast that offers a glimpse into the development of the script and production. It's a candid description of the creative process.

You'll also hear the perspectives of Sean Christopher Lewis and actress Jo Anne O'Carroll. And Matt. And me.

Enjoy! (I did. It's an audio heirloom for me.)

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