183133_3Perhaps I have figured out, finally, what I am?

I am a message in search of an audience.
The message has to do with ethics, primarily ethical speech.

And the audiences I seek are:

  • creativity seekers, for whom ethical speech can help them discover, recover and heighten the power of their self-expression.
  • young people (age 50 and younger), whose parents have instilled the fear of adulthood in their kids, stalling them as prodigies. ("All children are prodigies, until told otherwise." Who said that?)
  • business people, whose bosses have (similarly) instilled the fear of the economy in their employees, stalling them as idea generators.
  • theatrical audiences, who crave more than entertainment — they crave learning and enlightenment.

Like A Futon Pretending To Be A Couch
I am a creativity teacher, levering the power of ethical speech in the creative process. I am an ethics teacher, masquerading as a college instructor, corporate creativity counsel, marketing strategist, corporate trainer, coach, actor, and public speaker.

Oh, and writer.

This is still a germ of an idea.
But this idea, I believe, is clearly implied in the speech I gave this month at the Columbus Metropolitan Club, the most intellectually curious, engaged audience in town.

If you want to see and hear that speech, click here.

For the fullest, truest experience, eat salmon while watching the video. That's what the CMC members did that day.