Scrooge Want a dose of Net Cotton Content Live?

Two opportunities:

…at the Columbus Metropolitan Club. Here’s the topic they gave me: The Demise of Polite Conversation: Is Communication on the Brink?

Happily, it’s a yes or no question. So I can simply stand up and say “yes.” Or “no.” Problem is, I still haven’t figured out which one. So, I’ll probably hedge and mumble a lot.

They’re serving salmon, so it’s bound to be a nutritious event.

Want to go? You’re probably too late, but here’s the event information. (If they let you in, and there isn’t any salmon left for you, you can have mine.)

Next week…
BigXMASBanner …at the Columbus Performing Arts Center, for four shows, at 8 p.m. on Thursday-Saturday (12/10-12/12) and 2 p.m. on Sunday (12/13). Here is the show and ticket information.

“Retired” Dispatch metro columnist Mike Harden — read by more people in Columbus than anyone since James Thurber — was nice enough to write about the show in today’s morning newspaper. (Thanks, Mike!)

When you read his article — “Adaptation Puts Relevant Spin On Dickens” — please know that I should have said “repelled” rather than “repulsed.” They’re both strong words, I know, but “repelled” is closer to my intention.

“Repelled” is the word that’s in the script. But, when I talked to Mike Harden, I hadn’t yet learned all my lines!

Your Cast Is Hard At Work
Speaking of learning lines, Jo Anne O’Carroll (who plays “Jo Anne”) and I (uh, “Artie”) are the first people to have to memorize this script. It’s an original work.

And today is the “off book” deadline.

Memorization is such drudgery.

Back to it.

Here’s a Sneak Preview.
Hopefully, I can maintain this level of energy and demonstrate such professional preparation throughout the show.