IMG_9164 “In fact, I can’t think of another new work staged in Columbus in my 24-plus years as a
Dispatch critic that has displayed so much promise or polish.”

That’s Michael Grossberg in this morning’s “Inventive adaptation displays promise” in The Columbus Dispatch. (Thanks, Michael.)

Get Tickets
I just reserved more tickets online.

Usually, I’m happy with Available Light‘s Pay What You Want (at the door) ticket pricing. After all, I like to pay what I want.

But this show is hot cakes (see photo) and if I get to the door with my wife and daughter — and there’s only two tickets left — I know who’s going to have to go sit in the car.

You might think of me as a brawny, burly sort of manly man, but I am not going to get shut out at the door of this dramatic deconstruction in period costume. No way. I’m there. No matter what “dramatic deconstruction” means.

Plus, I can’t bear the thought of Mrs. Isaac sitting in the car all alone while I luxuriate in the lap of Lady Theatre, dabbing my eyes at her tender moments.

Let’s Not Leave Our Lovers In The Car
Let’s bring them into the theater where they belong.

Here are the show and advance ticket details.