12161_195103874774_759504774_3088722_7947019_n Shalom, fellow MOTs.

In December, I performed in a new play called Amalgamated Consolidated's Annual XMAS Spectacular, featuring Winford Doke, CPA Artie Isaac.

Nu? How'd it go? It fell soundly between a Kiddush Hashem and a shanda fur die goyim.

We sold out a couple houses and it was a fun experience. Some said it was even a success.

Now, however, it's February. And that's the time that we all need to start preparing for Christmas. As do the retailers, so do the playwrights.

I Need Your Help.
But first, here's the background.

Sean Christopher Lewis, Matt Slaybaugh (a couple of nice Gentile boys) and I wrote this play to do a few things, as described toward the bottom of this post.

Now, we are rewriting the play. Because the first attempt was a theatrical first draft. Because there are structural problems we can correct. Because we saw, during rehearsal (when it's too late to keep revising), that there were many opportunities to improve the dramatic product.

But That's Not Where I Need Your Help.
Here's where I need your help.

A trusted and beloved friend said to me, "As an educated Jew, I think the play treats the subject too lightly. It's glib."

OU So I need to beef this up. With Kosher beef. That's where you come in. Because the other playwrights don't know bupkis about being Jewish. And I, apparently, only know enough to be glib. Jeez.

I need you to send me some stories about when Christmas or the December Dilemma created some very meaningful moment. Or just an important or useful insight you have about the whole year-end mishigas.

Whatever you send me, send it in 50 words or fewer. Don't send me all your baggage. I know you have issues. Just give me the high points. Share the full unpacking for your rabbi. (Rabbim get paid to care.)

If I use your story in the 5771 version of the play, I'll give you a special reward, like a free ticket. (But for that, you won't sue me for using your words.)

Hey! I already have new a tagline for the show.
As if a show with a long title needs a tagline. Anyway, here it is:

"A Christmas Tradition since 5770."