Goldfish Dear Boss,

What a great company retreat. Thanks for lunch, dinner and lunch again. Thanks
for the learning.

And thanks placing me in a pond of brilliant fish.

Here's what I didn't have time to say…

I sold my first company a couple years ago.

Now I've started another one.

Which means I'm working on the side for you.

And I know a little about your entrepreneurial life.

I've been there.
Whenever I'm the owner of a business, I bear the ultimate concern over:

  • cash flow and the cost of capital.
  • the embarrassment that might result from the potential fall of the house of cards.
  • the performance and competence of my team.
  • my team's trustworthiness with my beloved clients and our hard-developed intellectual property.

I know what you know: that employees will never understand the entrepreneur's fear.

I understand.
Even more, I know that you might get filthy rich because you might sell your company in five years for a gazrillion dollars. I want you to know that I encourage that potential outcome. I hereby give you permission to become filthy rich on my back.

You are risking your net worth on your company. I am not risking my net worth on your company.

I don't want your job, even if the upside is a gazrillion dollars.

So go for it. I'll help.
Call me anytime. Ask me to do anything. If I can't, I'll tell you. But don't ever hesitate to call me because you wonder if my time is too precious.

To the contrary: to spend time with you is why I'm working for you. That's the reason, boss.

So far, so very delicious. I'd delighted with the experience. I'm fully compensated.

And I'm willing to do more for less.