The following belief is a trap:

"Anything worth doing
is worth doing right."

This mantra, implanted in youth, made a lot of sense back then. It was good learning. I'm grateful for the teachers who taught me this.

But now, that belief is dysfunctional and must be destroyed. It stops me before I start almost anything. I pause for a quick conversation with my inner critic. And the inner critic tells me to avoid creative risk.

I love the following video, which I found on Matt's Theaterforté.

This video is delicious. Jay Smooth's words are exactly the ones that walk in boots in my head and on my soul — when I am not writing.

I haven't been writing enough.
Though I've been "busy" during the past month, that video describes the obstacle I've been facing.

One of Jay Smooth's commenters, anjiaoshi, writes: "I have a word for the cycle you describe: shamelock. The shamelock is worst when you've gone so long without talking to someone that you put off talking to them because you dread having to apologize for not talking to them for so long."

What's your antidote for shamelock?