Sunny. Warm. Comfortable in shirtsleeves.

Lush from recent rains and a morning of heavy fog, the day-long dew in the air cools each breath.

Our campus is truly beautiful today.

Students are lounging on the grass — and throwing Frisbees — and reading — and talking on the Oval.

Here's How I Know I Teach
At A Research University

Sometimes, as a liberal arts guy, I feel like a fish out of water at the business school at Ohio State.

(Of course, I felt out of place when I was an MBA student, too.)

I feel like the liberal arts department of the business school. More than a feeling, that's my ambition and lifestyle: to be the fish out of water.

Today, in the elevator, I smiled at another professor and said, "Nice day out there."

His immediate reply: "You can tell based on how many people are outside."

I imagine he's right.

Still, I think that's a funny way of knowing it's a nice day. I think "nice day" is a emotional feeling. This professor has a metric he can trust. I love that.

Getting Out.
What is the definition of rich? Here's one:

To be rich is to be outside whenever — and only whenever — you want to be. 

(I'm writing this as I watch my otherwise rich students sit — inside — for a midterm exam. Poor for the moment.)

Hope you can get out today. If you want to be out.