Vermeer.weighing-pearlsYou know this. 

You know how people sometimes pop into your head. 

Perhaps you pass a landmark — maybe just an intersection — and it brings a specific person to mind. 

You think of the story he shared. Or maybe the insight she revealed.

A comment made in passing. Tossed off and, now, long forgotten. 

But it stayed with you. 
It keeps popping up. It's an automatic memory. It's indelible. 

It has become a part of a physical landmark on your daily way. Maybe it has become the stuff of your dreams at night.

You know that experience.

But you might not know this…

Others think of you, too.
I'm always surprised when I say, "Remember when you said…."

…and you reply, "I don't remember." 

I guess you weren't listening to your own words. Or maybe it just slipped out. You didn't think much of it.

I don't blame you for not remembering. You have the advantage of hearing your voice all day, every day. I get only moments with you. To me, each of your words is a pearl.

So I was listening. And I've been meditating on your words ever since.

That's been happening to me more and more lately. 

I've been thinking of what you said.
Even if you just tossed it off.

It stuck with me.

Thanks for that gift.

Let us measure our words like pearls.