Fifty-year-old Artie Isaac during his summer internshipJoe Blundo is so talented, so prolific, and such a nice guy. A mensch.

We had a chat at Katzinger's Delicatessen on Friday, before my last shift at my summer job. (Actually, it was more of a summer internship, because there was a vast gulf between my scant knowledge and the deep expertise of my co-workers.)

Anyway, we chatted. I showed Joe around. He stood around being Joe. I introduced him to my co-workers as my own summer intern. 

Fifty-year-old Artie Isaac during his summer internship-1  (I regret that. Afterward, one co-worker said, swooning, "Hey, that was JOE BLUNDO! I love Joe Blundo!" I should have introduced Joe properly. I think I was awkward with embarrassment.)

Then, Joe put this story in his beloved "So To Speak" column in today's Columbus Dispatch: "Unusual Intern Savors Slice of Life at Deli."

Thank you so much, Joe. For what you wrote. And for what you omitted. 

(And for introducing me to Octavian Cantilli.)

Photo credits: OCTAVIAN CANTILLI, Columbus Dispatch