Creativity banner bulb How are you strengthening your creativity?

Is it worth study, work, investment?

Many of you have asked, "May I take your creativity class?"

Until now, the frustrating answer has been, "No." The room is full and Ohio State doesn't allow unregistered auditors.

But now the answer is "Yes."
Because — now — here's a creativity class for you.

For the past six months, I've been working with friends at The Columbus Museum of Art on a one-day creativity program.

Here are the details:

Creativity In Your Life
(a one-day program for everyone)
Thursday, October 14th, 8:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.


  • a keynote speech on creativity by Pulitzer Prize winning novelist Michael Chabon.
  • a panel conversation exploring the creativity of Liz Lessner (creator of several local restaurants, including the best new restaurant of the year according to Columbus Underground) and Pete Scantland (whose Orange Barrel Media has transformed outdoor advertising into delightful landmarks in Columbus and across the nation).
  • a presentation of seven ideas I recommend for keeping your brain sharp, combating our daily tumult and aging.
  • a planning session for you to develop a one-year curriculum for your personal creative development.
  • and LUNCH. Lunch is included!
  • And your choice of four breakout sessions on topics from: how to brainstorm to the latest offerings of the Museum.

Sounds good? (Want to watch my hour-long conversation with Ann Fisher and her listeners on All Sides With Ann Fisher on WOSU 820 AM?)

What do you think this might cost you?
The Museum and I priced this so our friends could afford it.

What would it be worth to come — and expand your mind (just when your mind is hoping for a little expansion)? How much will you intentionally invest this year in your continuing personal creative development?

(And lunch.)

If you are office-bound, what might your company be willing to pay for you to attend? Or, perhaps, for you and your entire team to attend?

Do you have a price in mind? Good.

I bet the price on the ticket information page is lower than what you have in mind.