New Year's Eve: when a young man's fancy turns to bowling.

My Lifelong Belief: Every great year includes some bowling.

Status for 2010: You haven't bowled yet this year.

So it's come to this…

Plan: We are going bowling before nightfall on New Year's Eve.

Why before nightfall?
Because I leave nighttime on New Year's Eve to the professionals. I am strictly amateur. (I'm an aspiring bowler, like I'm an aspiring actor. I hit some of the pins; sometimes they fall down.)

You are invited.
But it's not much of an invitation. You'll pay for your own food, beverages, and shoes. Or you can just watch. (Available Light is paying for the lanes. Perhaps you'll make a year-end donation. There will be no solicitation.)

Some snacks will be provided. (You can buy more if you like. Ten Pin Alley has a very nice kitchen. Really.) You can buy your own drinks.

When: Friday, December 31, 2010, 3 p.m. We will clear out of there by 5 p.m., leaving you time for your glamorous Eve plans.

Where: Ten Pin Alley & Spike's. Here are directions to 5499 Constitution Blvd., Hilliard. (614) 876-2475

RSVP: Please RSVP to Emily Rhodes ( with:
1) the total number in your party, and…
2) whether or not you prefer bumpers.

Emily says: "We have 10 lanes this year, so there is plenty of room for everyone! The first hour of bowling is on Available Light. Shoes, food, drinks, and additional time is on you. Come and go as you please, and feel free to bring any and all ages along. We'd love to see you as we roll in a new year and bid a fond farewell to an award-winning one!"

Those awards? They were for Available Light in the theatre, not you in bowling. As far as we know. Sorry.

Why Bowling?

  1. Bowling is America's #1 participation sport. We bowl, not only because we are Americans. We bowl so that we may be Americans. If bowling were a holiday, it would be Thanksgiving, the American holiday.
  2. Bowling is a wonderful physics experiment. Through bowling, we learn about inertia and the exertion of force. We are reminded, tangibly, that our actions have consequences.
  3. Bowling is a wonderful psychology experiment. Through bowling, we learn about emotional inertia and the exertion of psychic energy. Again, we are reminded, tangibly, that our actions have consequences.

Bowling? If so, let Emily know.