6a00d8341d1add53ef00e54f6a92c58833wi During what is now a decade of teaching creativity, I've presented an assignment that helps students define their goals.

The Assignment
Write hypothetical newspaper headlines describing your achievement of four goals  — one each for four aspects of your life: personal, family, community, and business.

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A Student Hits Paydirt
In last Wednesday's New York Times, a front-page story caught my eye: "Atheists Seek Chaplain Role in the Military" by James Dao describes how Atheists and Freethinkers seek equality in our armed services.

JtSSGTBranumUSAFA20101116 What particularly caught my eye was reporter's quoting of Jason Torpy. Long-time readers of Net Cotton Content have read about his wisdom. And here is his profile on SpeakerSite.

Well, the special treat for me is that this is just the sort of headline students like Jason have submitted in our creativity classes.

This is the first time I've woken up and seen a student actually land an ambitious headline in the newspaper. And the Times, no less. And the front page! 

Why is this "A Goal (Partly) Reached"?
Because Jason and MAAF have much work ahead of them. The article isn't their ultimate goal.

I presume Jason has another headline planned. You can easily imagine what it might be.

I salute a favorite veteran. I appreciate Jason Torpy's ethical service to our country.