265702_512x288_generatedA hero speaks.

James Franco to Charlie Rose (May 6, 2011) on how he gets so much done: 

"I'm stretched. I'm very busy…. 

"I find that, if I have free time, it just gets filled. I do do that to myself. But I also don't feel like I need to be the best at everything. I am pursuing these things, not to necessarily master them. I am pursuing them in what, I think, is a very humble way. And I am happy that I am just engaged with them…. 

"I never said I was going to be the best author. I am just trying, you know, to write the best book that I can."

[Later, Rose: "You're not afraid to take a risk."]
"No. Because that's what artists are allowed to do. Actors aren't allowed to do that in the same way. Actors are supposed to deliver good performances and then let the movies speak for themselves. Artists and musicians have a different medium and they're allowed to bring more of the personal to their work… 

"[Describes and quotes Ryan Trecartin, Art For The Age Of YouTube:] 'Look, we are a culture that is getting more and more used to embarrassing ourselves.'

"Embarrassment use to be something that really held me back. I mean I just really didn't want to do that because I didn't want to look bad…. Now? I don't care as long as I know that my intentions are pure, I have the right motives: of trying to something new, of trying to find something new, and if that means that I'm going to fail, it's O.K. I'm going to take that risk."

A Closing Comment
"I am not happy having a lot of other people shape who I am, and telling me how I'm supposed to be."

Who is your hero today?