Predictably-irrational-book Finkelman showed this to me in his office on Finkelman Friday.

So, What's This About?
Oddly, this is about everything.

It's about all of us, because it's about human behavior.

Dan Ariely on Irrational Behavior.
By "irrational behavior," I mean, of course, "your and my behavior."

Could be buying bread and milk in the grocery in the afternoon. Could be getting a tattoo at night. (Because Dan is a survivor of third-degree burns over 70 percent of his body, there is some aspect of Skin Deep here, too.)

I'm going to read Dan's books.
He's brilliant in a plain-spoken and engaging way. Or so I think, through all my irrationality.

You be the judge. You might be somewhat less irrational than I. I hope so.

Here's Dan Ariely.