FERMOR-obit-popupI love to ask, "Who is your hero?"

Many people reject the idea of "hero," because it suggests perfection. They are members of the Hypocrite Police, smugly tearing down heroic candidates.

(Oh, how popular culture doth crave the Fall Of Man. Keep hold of your ideals.)

So, perhaps this question is easier to answer: "Who is your role model?"

With role models, you can pick a hero for each slice of life. A cooking hero. A cleaning hero. An exercise hero. A meditating hero. A writing hero. Each one, a model for each role. 

Shopping For A Role Model?
The New York Times offers a daily sampling of candidates as we seek role models. (The Times calls it "obituaries.")

Here are two recent candidates that win my admiration:

"Maynard L. Hill, Small-Scale Lindbergh, Dies at 85"
By Bruce Weber, June 12, 2011
In August 2003, Mr. Hill was the first to create and guide a model airplane across the Atlantic.

"Patrick Leigh Fermor, Travel Writer, Dies at 96"
By Richard B. Woodward, June 11, 2011
Mr. Fermor crossed Europe on a three-year journey, then wrote about his adventures.

These two were steeped in flow

Happily, not all the good ones are dead. 
Here's Alex Honnold, brought to my attention by Doug Smith, who teaches Happiness at DePauw. (Thanks, Doug.)

Alex Honnold climbs walls.

This National Geographic video makes my palms sweat.