David So, reading a blog can be too much.

Too many messages. Too much blather.

Don't want every dit and dot from Net Cotton Content? (Can't blame you.)

How About A Smaller Dose Of Creativity?
I'm offering an occasional email — not more than eight times a year (and probably a lot less) — with a few creative ideas for your personal creative development.

If you sign up, you'll get a few ideas from time to time. (And you can keep subscribing to Net Cotton Content, of course.)

What's the difference between the occasional emails and Net Cotton Content?

  • The occasional emails will offer specific creative ideas (and, sometimes, a short update on what I'm doing professionally and personally.)
  • Net Cotton Content will continue to provide piercingly irrelevant commentary on life and creativity.

Here's where you can sign up for the occasional emails.

Artie's Occasional Ideas For Your Creativity
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