440730687img1_mediumTwo weeks from this Saturday, on August 20th, I'll be appearing in a play called Circle Mirror Transformation. One night only.

It's a wonderful piece that's won a ton of awards all over the country, but there are more reasons to encourage you to attend.

An All-Star Cast (and me)
You'll see Geoffrey Nelson (founding Artistic Director of CATCO) and Jeanine Thompson (the head of OSU's Acting & Directing program), alongside beloved Available Light company members Elena Perantoni and Acacia Duncan (both seen in far too many hits to list here.)

And me.

No Do-Overs
It's a one-night-only production. There's a particular electricity that comes from knowing we've only got one shot to get it right. (It's a staged reading though, so we'll have the scripts to back us up.)

For A Good Cause
And, it's a fundraiser. Available Light's mission is to make great theater accessible for everyone who wants to attend. My appearance in this show, and your attendance, will support their Free Readings Series and their Pay What You Want ticketing program. 

A Personal Note
Personally, I love this show because it's about acting — and about people who dream of being actors. That hits pretty close to home. No. It hits home directly. Right in the home in my heart. 

For Tickets And More Information
Please visit: http://avlt.co/avltcmt or call 614-558-7408.

Hope to see you there.