On-the-roadFor whom will you get up and go?

Five years ago, friend, role model, and editor-farmer Kent Brown taught me the power of simply getting in the car and driving somewhere with someone. 

Where Am I Going?
As our kids get older, I have opportunities to drive farther.  

Today, I'll drive our beloved daughter to Washington, D.C. Just to drop her off in the arms of her friends. And I'll come back the next day.

On the way, we plan to visit the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden (open on New Year's Day!), sit for a delicious dinner at Sou'Wester, and walk the monuments at night.

The Trip Within The Trip
Of course, anyone who knows the power of a car — the intersection between environmental nightmare and relationship vehicle — knows that some of the best part of the ride will be the ride. On the highway. 

Driving with a child illustrates the very meaning of it's the journey, not the destination.

For whom will you get up and go?
What relationship is worth going far?

With whom — for whom — will you drive this year? 

I wish you a 2011 of health, happiness, creativity, and many moments of true engagement in life. I wish you — from time to time — a passenger, a soul to cheer yours on the road.

Gotta go. We'll be on our way now.