Are you an employee? What does your employer owe you? To what are you entitled?

Are you an employer? What does your employee owe you? To what are you entitled?

Pay Day
My former business partner distributed the paychecks every other Friday. He'd say, as he handed each paycheck to each employee, with a smile and a twinkle in his eye:

Here's your paycheck. This is your pay for the work you've done during the past two weeks. Good work! Thank you for that work.

With this paycheck, we are even. You are now fully paid for your service. If you think you are underpaid, or the company owes you more, that's not true. We're even. That's the meaning of this paycheck.

In fact, since it is only noon on Friday, and this pays you through the end of the day, you are actually a little ahead. If anyone owes something, it is you who owes the company the rest of the day's work. Keep working. 

It wasn't the warmest message, but it did illuminate a truth to the transaction.  

What Do Job Creators Want?
The past six months in my newest venture has been truly enlightening. I've heard the candid minds and full hearts of the people who create jobs.

Everyone wants job creation. I think this video speaks volumes about the perspective of those who are actually creating jobs.

You need to see it all the way to the end to see that these employers fully understand the Ethics of Employment, that entitlement cuts both ways.

Thanks to Harry Robinson, a Vistage chair, for introducing me to this video at yesterday's monthly meeting of Vistage Chair Group 6069 in Cincinnati.