Greetings from Ohio.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how the Presidential election isn’t my main cause.

I understand that it’s very important — and I have registered approximately 100 people — and I will vote — and I ask you to vote — and I am not undecided — 

But the vote I cast doesn’t describe me. You won’t know me better by knowing for whom I voted. (That argument is here.)  My blood type (B+) is closer to my identity than D or R or 3rd Party or disenfranchised.

I Care More For Art Than Politics
The political campaigns continue to assemble musicians to support their final rallies here in Ohio with well-chosen, heart-swelling themes: Stevie Wonder, Marshall Tucker Band and more.

For me, this song will be my musical memory for this season, a season that just happens (for me) to coincide with a Presidential Election.

That perfect feeling when time just slips
Away between us on our foggy trip.

From “somewhere safer / where the feeling stays,” I offer this in loving honor of my family, friends and their neighbors who are still working their way out of Sandy, and in respectful memory to those who are being laid to rest.