Artie and Beau 1This year, we lost my beloved mother, Jackie Isaac. We eulogized her and miss her. For her…

This is about Beauregard.
Ever underfoot, Beau mainly lived in our hearts.

When we inherited him from Jackie in March, he had outlived three masters. And then, suddenly, six months later — two weeks ago — we outlived him.

922772_10151754041455522_1082626722_nBeau was a teacher.
He taught…

  • Love without guile. His agenda was clear and honest. (Serving him wasn't duty. It was love returned.)
  • How to sleep. That dog got flat and sighed a lullaby.
  • Devotion to work. Beau licked until the job was done. (The job was never done.)
  • Curiosity over competence. He ran to learn who was at the door. (Sometimes, the wrong door.)
  • A winning smile. His face moved the day along.
  • How to be someone's last best friend. (Those that he outlived? Their dignity lived on through him.)

Good Dog
We all learned a lot this year — and remain very thankful.

As we approach Thanksgiving, may we all fetch for each other, and ourselves receive: good health, much fun, and many moments of true engagement in life.