Screen-shot-2010-12-17-at-12.54.10BWWe have so much information and so little understanding.

The sciences have brought us tremendous discovery. Our former ignorance of new facts is humbling.

Lacking our new facts, our ancestors seem quaint. And scrappy. What pluck! How did they find their way through our former ignorance? 

Now we know.
But do we understand?

Are we drowning in facts?

More information feels like a fresh glass of water, offered to a drowning swimmer. 

How can we understand?
As I age — ever closer now to death than birth — I realize the power of study of the humanities. Each day, in my life, the English major further eclipses the M.B.A.

Not just in amusement. This reaches far beyond the personal noodling of the meaning of life. This touches my clients, whenever my understanding advances our conversation.

The English major is proving to have been much more than the extravagant investment of my worried parents. 

But this isn't about me.

This is about you and Kate Tempest.
Please watch these two videos. 

I received them this morning. They came from Rob Ackerman, a role model, co-conspirator and beloved friend.

I watched the interview first. (It inspired the "pickle" in the title of this post.) [VIDEO Interview:]

Then the short performance piece. [VIDEO Performance piece:]

Then, please tell me.
Tell me one thing that Kate Tempest has helped you to understand.