1655925_10152292878670522_123965034_nPlease forgive this quick plug. Feel free to ignore, of course.  

Sometimes, readers of Net Cotton Content ask me to tell them whenever I give a public presentation.

Here's one.
It's next week in Columbus.

I'm getting ready by leading meetings all this week!



Register here: tinyurl.com/ACGartie

Trouble registering? Here are instructions: tinyurl.com/ACGhuh


What's This ACG?
ACG is an interesting organization if you are in business. I'm a member for several reasons:

  • It forces me out of the house to meet people and work on my table manners. I need that.
  • The membership includes the business dealmakers in the community. I can help their friends and clients.

More info is at their national website and their Columbus website.