F5387548d12a6b421f4f8e31c2728a04Many fine folks rise. Their career trajectory is upward. It can be graphed on an organizational chart.

Mazel tov!

Not me.
Looking back on the first half of my career, that's not what has happened. 

Up never felt better. For me. 

So, every time I moved up, I wondered why.

I kinda liked down. When down, I did work I enjoyed: writing, editing, arguing, laughing. For me, that's fun.

Anyway, here is a description of the trajectory of my so-called career.

My Career Trajectory
I have moved from…

Unemployed to

Employed to

Self-Employed to


While this sometimes concerned me, and some of those who loved me, it's what happened.

My career hasn't risen. It's turned inward.

*Why "Unemployable"?
After so many years of self-employment, I really think I could be your worst employee.

If ever send you my resume, you might want to consider the following reference letter.


Letter Of Condemnation:
Artie Isaac

To Whom It May Concern,

I have known Artie Isaac all his life. I know him better now than ever before. I can, without reservation, provide this letter of condemnation.

Artie has attitudes that go unprized by many employers:

  • He doesn't want to be told what to do. (So he's a bad subordinate.)
  • He doesn't want to tell other people what to do. (So he's a bad manager.) 
  • He comes and goes when he pleases. (He's more suited to be a bird than an employee.)
  • He avoids lunch and after-work beer with co-workers. (Low points on socialization.)
  • He makes sure potential clients understand why not to buy our product or service. (Suppresses potential revenues.) 
  • He argues with himself, thinking aloud. (Causing him to overuse parentheses.)

If you disagree, by all means, send him a job offer. He's not closed minded. He's just unemployable. 


My Good Fortune
Hey, I'm very aware that this is the Voice Of Privilege. Most people cannot say, "La-di-dah, I don't want to work for anyone." I am a very lucky fellow.

I'm not recommending my attitude for everyone. My attitude is what's wrong with America.