EndlessSummerHalfSome summers are better than others.

The Best Summers Linger.
There is a fine, long stretch in the middle. A moment when you look at the blue sky and realize: it's been so long since the beginning that you can't remember the beginning of summer. And yet, with so much summer still to come, you don't yet fear — or even imagine — the coming winter.

For readers in places without four distinct seasons, you might wonder about all this. True: if our neighbors and we didn't like this seasonality, we'd all move to San Diego. But we like it. We love it. The cold makes the warm warmer. The green of summer makes the red of autumn brighter. This is life in the northern deciduous forest. It's worth it. 

The Summertime Moment Of Dread Is Coming.
For me, the moment comes when I question: Is this a great summer?

It's on July 4th — at our beloved neighborhood parade — or during the All-Star Break. During both these times-out, there's no doubting: this summer is half over. We are swinging toward autumn.

Some summers, during this mid-point reckoning, I feel forlorn. I wonder: where has this summer gone? What did I get when I forsook this summer? Did I ramp up on business, only to ramp down on life? Have I yet reclined on the front lawn and looked up at the clouds? Have I spent enough time on my bicycle? Have I seen a baseball game? 

To Lengthen Your Long Summer
You can't make it longer when it ends. It ends when it wants to.

So lengthen the summer at this end. How? Start right now. Pretend it is July, today. What would you do on a Sunday afternoon in July? Do it today. Even if it's a little cold.

One year, I started summer in February. Started riding my bike to work. It made all the difference. By Memorial Day(!), my summer had already been well lived.

Right now? We're off for a walk in the woods.