I like to keep a List Of What I Don't Know. I learned this from Rob Emrich

The good news: the list never goes away. No sooner do I learn something — and scratch it off the list — then up rises one or two new questions. And there they go, onto the list.

During the summer, this list always feels like summer school. (That's a good feeling.)

I like to keep things practical, even when there is a philosophical aspect, so I phrase each item in the form of "How Do I….?"


List Of What I Don't Know
(a partial list-in-development) 

How do I encourage, support and love our children as they are now becoming adults? I know that one simply continues to encourage, support and love them. But there are so many stories of parents who over-do it, don't let go, don't pull back. So, I'm wondering: when do parental services move from unsolicited push to offered only on demand? And what services never make that jump? For example, is Super Quiet, Super Confidential Spousal Assessment & Selection Counsel ever limited to on demand?

How do I find the most effective, most enjoyable facilities for my work? I'm the gracious recipient of office space from the partners of Bricker & Eckler, where my Birdhouse features chairs from friends at LOTH and a great new birdy lamp from friends at Crimson Design Group. But that small voice within — a little birdie? — keeps telling me that I need more space, and more independent space. 

How do I optimize the diversification of my professional offerings? I love my worklife. There is a great foundation in CEO peer group moderation and creativity workshops. What is too much diversification, where I become distracted and unfocused? What is too little, where I am over-reliant on other people's micro- and macro-decisions? This year, I added executive coaching. Next month, I'm adding Myers-Briggs™ consultation. (I'm taking the course on how to administer and interpret the legendary MBTI™ psychological assessment. I've long loved Myers-Briggs, thanks to Susan Scherer and Stephen Weed at Relational Care Associates.) 

How do I create recurring revenue? Can't just sell hours forever. Or can I?

How do I publish a book? This is probably as easy as getting on Amazon.com to find out. I'll do that this week.

How do I discipline myself to write the book? I wrote a bad book a decade ago. (Very bad. Received an advance. Canceled at the manuscript stage.) This remains an elusive goal. I'm confident that this summer will be a turning point. 

What more might go on my List Of What I Don't Know?

What's on yours?