Everyone says, "When you have your health you have everything."

I disagree.

Recently my knees hurt. Really brought me down. I couldn't go up or down stairs without a breathtaking distraction from whatever I was thinking.

Step, ow!, gasp, ugh!

I didn't have my health.
At least for a couple weeks. Not completely.

I'm not complaining here. I recognize that an arthritic flareup is not a giant loss of health. I am filled with gratitude to live among the luckiest in the Health Dept.

Anyway, during those kneedy weeks, here's what I had:

  • constant pondering of entropy and mortality
  • physical therapy/Muscle Activation Technique
  • personal training
  • limited mobility
  • a doctor's visit and diagnosis of osteoarthritis
  • a few Advil 
  • many consultations with Family Nurse Practitioner Alisa Isaac
  • special intervention by the T'ai C'hi faculty
  • many tiresome conversations about joints
  • interruptions to my (runaway) train of thought whenever I took a step
  • plans to cancel a Grand Canyon hike
  • decreased life expectancy
  • immediate readiness for knee-replacement surgery

Again, I'm not complaining. But my point is this: I didn't have my health, and I had plenty. Plenty of what I didn't want.

Renewed Knees
After a few weeks of Muscle Activation Technique, exercise, T'ai C'hi, and meditation — the pain has gone away. I am so relieved. I'm out in Pacific Palisades looking forward to a hike today.

Now I have my health. And I have none of that distracting pain. I have my health. And I have nothing. I'm back to being able to enjoy the nothingness of good health. 

And I'm glad about it. 

When I have my health, I have nothing.

When you have your health, you have nothing.
I wish you your health. May you have nothing.

Typed in Sara Tucker and Peter Carr's kitchen, Pacific Palisades. Dedicated to their knees.