UnnamedI find that the year-end holidays give me time to daydream about my intentions. 
And I know that my peer groups will assemble in January for a tradition: each person writes his or her goals on a giant roll of kraft paper on the wall. That roll gets rolled out from time to time, so we can report on progress, success, and failure. (Thanks to Joe Lorenz for this Vistage-worthy idea.)
What are your SMARTY goals?
Join me. Take a few moments now and then during these odd, wonderful days to:
  • Identify your top 3 goals. Keep it to three, so you maximize the probability that you achieve them all. (Covey taught that, if you have more than three goals, you reduce the likelihood of reaching them all. And if you have too many, you won't reach any of them.)
  • Let them percolate. Are these truly your highest ambitions? Do other goals arise to win a spot on the list? Keep it to three.
  • Make them SMARTY goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely, Yours. (I added "yours," because you want goals that you can attain with relying on someone else's success, so you never blame the failure to meet your goal on others.) 

What are your goals?
Perhaps this worksheet will help. (Link is http://tinyurl.com/SMARTY2015.)

However you get there, get it down to three goals.
I'm still percolating. There's time for revision. But here's what I'm looking at right now:
  • 60 Vistage Members 
    Current status: 47 smart, ambitious, effective, joyous executives
  • Book published
    Current status: writing started with Matt Slaybaugh
  • Climb to bottom of Grand Canyon (and back up)
    Current status: booked trip for November; MAT and training at Fitness Matters

What are your goals?